From The Top of Willamette Mountain

Theres no reason to be excited, except!!! for the fact that we're all going to HELL

Existing. We Really Do.

"Preamplified on the MTN"


Fall colors. Fall Trees. Fallen Leaves. All of it is the landscape that exists in the mountains of the Wasatch front. It is a beautiful time. There is change. You can feel it, and though I hate to admit it affects me. The good and the bad.  The good being the zeal that it instills, I long for something new every time the season changes, whether that is a physical, emotional or spiritual change I have yet to determine for this season.  The garden is slowly giving out its last shout of joy before the grasp of winter will destroy that which it has built. We harvested the last of our beets and have had more spaghetti squash than we really know what to do with. Though we will harden off most of it and store it underneath the bed for the wintery season. The babies (goats) are doing fantastic and have more energy than they know what to do with. They have learned what appears to be a very rare form of martial arts. Their technique in the side kick is unparallel to any that I have seen in the past. They are young, and free. I miss that.


The studio ( is doing and sounding better than it ever has. I have taken on yet another record and a couple more that are slated for the December month. I am happy to be recording again. I feel at home inside there. I think I am happy now.

"Keys on my mind in G major"



I have been slightly obsessed with an app that is for the iPhone (and probably many other cellular devices that I am not familiar with) called Blender. It allows you to mask, arrange, edit and blend photos together. In times of boredom or if the occasion calls me, I find myself spending minutes, hours even editing and splicing photographs together to form a collage of sights and colors. Wonder. Entertain.

"My, how he has grown. CHILD MIND."


Like I mentioned. I think I am happy now.

I think I could be unhappy at any moment. I see the future and know that it is really nothing anyway. The modern day is the only day. The real day. The one we have to embrace. With or without your belief it happens. Life. And death. It is all so gruesomely complex and absurd.

“How is it…!” I ask myself

“That we are not all losing our minds with the overwhelming possibility?”

One day we aren’t. Next we are. Next we aren’t and the cycle continues and has already begun. Much older than you. Much older than me. Forever it has (existed) and it is a thought that I care to not dwell on. Its intensity/realness/truth is more than my mind would care to take.

So it is. I continue. You continue. And into the dark of both night and death we trudge. Sleep or Cease. Both the same. A new way to look at it? Perhaps.

I had to clear that up. I had to.

Joshua Fred James. (really exists)

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