From The Top of Willamette Mountain

Theres no reason to be excited, except!!! for the fact that we're all going to HELL

A Chameleon of a Kitty.

From inside a hotel in Lancaster Pennsylvania


Accompanied by the most incredible of creative minds in my current surroundings, we (we being Isaac, Scott, Evan, Emma & I) shot a musical video for a song off the upcoming album entitled “Queen Of The City”. Though I cannot divulge all of its strange and slightly jarring elements. The shoot started at 8pm and we headed home at 7am. It was a night of friends, fun and film. TOO many thanks to Corey, Jake, Matt, Isaac, Gentry and anyone I am forgetting. You made my life! Teeth, spit, sunshine!

Queen Of The City. Try n Talk


After arriving home at 7am my body was in a state of shock. There was no fatigue, no drowsy eyelids, nothing of the sort. Emma passed out as soon as her small frame hit the bed. I threw on Groundhog Day and let Mr. Murray slowly converse me into the great land of dream. Two hours later I was up. It was Thursday. We were to spend the day in the garden and then to Salt Lake City we would travel to see and hear the sights and sounds of Kathleen Edwards and Iron and Wine at the Twilight Concert Series that the SLC offers its residents and surrounding heathens. And so we did. They were both great. We headed home, and off to sleep.

Tuck with Vegetables. Garden Grower.


The boys and I flew to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to play a Sunday night concert for her residents. Our flight was delayed due to thunderstorms in Dallas. We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours, and finally the plane took off. Turbulation. Terror. Flights scare me. This one especially. There was a dark creature looming in and out of the airways and ventilation ducts that I swear had it out for the whole gang. But fortunately, we arrived there, no scratches, no pain, just fatigue. We checked into the hotel. 3am. Tired. Sleep.


The morning came and we headed to the beautiful park where the concert was to be held. We met so many wonderfully kind and appreciative people. The show was enjoyable for us. We passed through the land of the Amish and the inspiration that flowed from their gardens and lifestyle was something that I would INDEED love to mimic. Oh the glory of their work ethic. The mightiness of their arms and minds. How the jealousy rages inside me. But alas. Here I am. Computer in lap. Gas in my car. Credit Cards. Mortgages. Debt. Denial. All inside of me…..SCREAMING to stop. Alas my child, Alas.

Plane ride. Terror.

Boy n’I


I sat upon the table, trying to figure out exactly which photograph to use for press on the upcoming UK tour that will be starting in October when I heard a screech that could only be described as mechanical. For if it were anything else it would be not of this world. I sat, still deciding….There it was again.


And again.

I ran outside to see what it might be. By this time I was certain that it wasn’t a loose screw on our overworked AC unit that sat outside the kitchen window. I saw Tuck and Billie dodging in and around what appeared to be a very small, white kitten. But the kitten was screaming. INTENSELY. Just then I saw the kitten jump and try and squeeze through our goat fence. I called Tuck and Billie inside to see if I could settle the poor things nerves. As I approached the screeching got louder. I then noticed that this kitty was no kitty at all, but rather a mink. A white mink. He had tried to get through the goat fence and caught his belly skin on the barbs and was tearing his skin clean open. The wound was large; I hadn’t a clue of what to do. If I tried to grab it, it would surely bite me and could do much harm to both me and my animals. I had to think quickly, it was surely suffering in the fence and bleeding all which way. I grabbed my .22 pistol and shot it in the head. No screeching. No screaming. GONE. Life for this animal was…GONE. It’s Friday now, and the screeches are still stuck in my mind. I bid the lil boy adieu. I hope that the call that was made was the correct one.

This to you.

Joshua fred.

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