From The Top of Willamette Mountain

Theres no reason to be excited, except!!! for the fact that we're all going to HELL

A Garden. A Rock Slide. An ode. A life.

Shoes. Loma. Shirley.

 Pride fills my heart everytime I take a look. It doesn’t take much. This I know. But it isn’t the “much” that is (at times) exhausting. Rather it’s the “constant” of it all. Though, as aforementioned it is a NOT MUCH CONSTANT type of thing. Gramatically speaking this sounds horrific. But so be it. After all, it is a garden. Yes, after all i am a gardener. Strange movements from the past to the present and yes, even into the future. I would have NEVER guessed i’d be here. Talking of such things.

This year has been slow for some crops but ferocious for others. It has been amazing to see the transformation that the plot of dirt that is sitting back behind our property line morph into a food growing paradise. I am forever in debt to the great mystery of life in regards to this magical and mystifying process of “seed turns to plant, plant feeds the masses.” How great it truly is.

Backyard Sunflowers.

Loma. A Lover with Horns. A coat of deep black.

Beets. Red Beats Blue.

Cucumbers. Pre-Pickle Polish.

Brother/Sister/ PUMPKINS.


Tim had mentioned that there was this hidden Rock Slide up in alpine. It was a 1, 2, 3 and onto the internet to find out what this place might be called. After a couple minutes of online research we had to look no further. Sliding Rock and her secrets had been (due to the rapid access of any and all information via the intraweb) demystified and we were already stripping down to our trunks to get the move on to experience the water slide of the GODS. It was a short mile hike up to what truly appeared to be a water slide. The water was brisk (this is saying the least). We slid down the slide a couple of times and swam in the small ponds surrounding the slide. It was a wonderful and growing experience. We hiked back to the car and into the hills of Cedar we ventured. Skateboarding had been slated on that days activities. We grabbed massive skateboards that stretch much higher than a regular short board and glided down the hills in and around Tim’s neighborhood, only to stop to stare at a lake for 10 minutes. Around the lake we talked as friends. Finding a bit more out about what the other had been going through and or thinking. I, as it seems I always do, unloaded my head onto my compadres and felt better after doing so. The intensity (and it seems to get worse the more days that pass me by) of merely existing is such a daunting task, without a head to lean on, an ear to scream in, and an eye to stare at life would just be TOO MUCH. JUST TOO MUCH. My lover, my family, and my friends are the greatest therapy I could ask for. Here is to them!

BLOOD BROTHERS. Zombie Swimming.

As for news of the different. THERE IS MUCH. We (Scott, Ike, Evan, Nate and Myself) will be playing musical songs for a VERY large crowd right before My Morning Jacket this coming Thursday in Pioneer Park (Salt Lake City). We are so excited to do so. The new record is FINISHED and will be called “From The Top Of Willamette Mountain” We are in the process of having records pressed and the tentative release date is October 23rd. I will keep those that care closely looped to when it will be available.

Pre-My Morning Jacket Stress Rehearsal. Chopping.

ODE TO MY LOVER (though it be rare, here is to you LOVER!)

" Emma, dearest Emma, please have patience with me sweet
I know the road seems forever, but in time our hearts will meet
And we’ll dance across the crystal floor, into our love retreat
There’s nothing in this world that could ever mean more to me”

-taken from “Doctor, Oh Doctor” off of “From The Top of Willamette Mountain”

Lover 1. Payson Lake Blues.

Lover 2. Dead Skunk Blues.

Lover 3. King Jasper Blues

its the end of this. (for now)


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